Naduhl Energetic Solutions

Living Spaces

Humans Make Houses into Homes
Naduhl Brings in the Harmony through Energetics


Industries and Work Spaces

Business Are Powered by People
Naduhl Helps Align the Energies that Power the People


An Energetic Map of a Site Is as Critical as a Blueprint
Naduhl Energetics Are Transformative



Naduhl provides solutions and remedies to help resolve human space energy dissonance



is the next step in holistic architecture that provides design and remediation guidelines for

energetic harmony in human spaces.

Naduhl combines the learnings of ancient wisdom across cultures as well as the applications of modern science to derive a deep and thorough energetic understanding of the human space.




For Architects, Builders, and Healers

The Naduhl Curriculum


Naduhl is the brainchild and outcome of a lifetime of Mayank’s research and work. Naduhl was conceived through Mayank’s exposure to diverse experiences across Western scientific techniques and Eastern mysticism. With a background in fields as different as architecture, geopathy, radiesthesia, and even vaastu shastra, Mayank has crafted this energetic model through a combination of small steps and quantum leaps.

Mayank Barjatya

The Journey Behind Naduhl's Inception

The Architect

Mayank started his professional life as an architect. His interest in human spaces was the trigger to everything that followed and his dissatisfaction with the utilitarian approach to architecture was the first step towards creating Naduhl.

The Consultant

Mayank set up and ran VastuWorld, a consulting and training firm that combines scientific and esoteric practices from across the world to provide consultation services in living space design and remediation.

The Naduhlian

There comes a time when what has been created or discovered is not enough; and this necessity leads to further evolution and invention. Mayank has been on the journey to design and articulate a comprehensive model that addresses the issue of human space energetics. Naduhl is the culmination of that journey.

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